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Hunt with one of the most respected guides and pilots in all of Alaska, who specializes in trophy animals and has appeared on numerous outdoor T.V. shows. You will hunt in world class areas with little to no pressure, which is why the success rate is consistently near 100% on all of his guided hunts. Whether you are chasing huge brown bears, grizzlies, monster moose, caribou or black bears, no guide has more desire or work ethic to put you in the best opportunity to harvest game.

Guided hunts include: airport pickup/drop-off, all food, tents, camp gear, and transport of meat, cape and antlers.

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  Alaska Caribou Hunt Packages

You will be hunting the Barren Ground Caribou out of Northwest Alaska, which is home to one of the largest herds in the state. Hunter success is extremely high, ranging from 90-100% annually.

Harvest up to two caribou on either hunt option as both are available depending on your skill level and comfort in the Alaska wilderness.

Fully guided is a 2 x 1 hunt and has the highest success rate as your guide will perform most camp duties, including helping you find and judge that trophy bull.

The unguided hunt means you are on your own, but your camp gear and food will be provided and you will be dropped off in a high success area ahead of the migration.

 Package  Date  Rate 
 Fully Guided Caribou (2) Hunt  September  $5,995
 Unguided Outfitter Caribou (2) Hunt  Aug 25 –
 Oct 10
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  Alaska Bear Hunt Packages
Near 100% success rate on all bear hunts, with many qualifying for Boone & Crockett annually.

Brown bears typically range in the 8-11 foot range but 2008 and 2009 both produced 11.5 foot browns. These hunt areas consistently produce the largest brown bears in all of Alaska.

Grizzlies are typically in the 7-8.5 foot range and are usually taken via spot and stalk. The area produces various color phases with light blonde being very typical.

Black bear success has been 100% for over 7 years, with the average bear at 400lbs, in the 6-7 foot range, and with a 20” skull. These are true trophies and seeing multiple bears per day is common.
 Package  Date   Rate
 8 Day Spring Brown Bear Hunt  May  $18,000
 10 Day Fall Brown Bear Hunt  October  $15,500
 8 Day Spring Trophy Grizzly 
    Bear Hunt
 Apri - May  $9,750
 10 Day Fall Trophy Grizzly 
    Bear Hunt
 September  $9,750
 5 Day Trophy Black Bear Hunt  April 22 -
 June 15
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 Alaska Moose Hunt Packages
Success rates are extremely high with 100% success the last 7 years on trophy bulls. Average moose are over 62” with many bulls harvested near 70” every year. Calling and spot and stalk are the preferred method for locating and hunting these trophies and all hunts are 1x1. This is a draw only area, with hunts now being booked for 2011 and beyond. 
Package Date Rate
10 Day Trophy Moose Hunt September $13,500
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 Alaska Combo Hunt Packages
Get the best of Alaska with these fantastic Combo Hunts! 
Package Rate
10 Day Grizzly Bear / Caribou $12,200
10 Day Moose / Caribou $15,000
10 Day Moose / Grizzly $17,500
10 Day Moose / Grizzly / Caribou $20,200
Observer Rate $300/day
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