Hungary & Transylvania Big Game Hunting - Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Muflon & Wild Boar

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Hungary & Transylvania

We have teamed up with one of the top outfitters in these countries who manage the best hunting land with the biggest possible trophys - for wild boar hunting, (driven boar hunt, hunting from high seat, or stalking) roe buck hunting, red deer hunting, mouflon hunting, bear, wolf and lynx. The territory  is also ideal for small game hunting: hare, pheasant or partridge can be found in abundance.

We organize tailor-made hunting adventures that  includes airport transfer, minibus, guide, interpreter, etc. We help you to choose the right season and the right hunting area according to your expectations. We give you advice on possible complementary game-species to shoot. We also organize complete packages for non-hunting members with guide.  We can also reserve flight tickets and accommodation. We will get the Hungarian hunting licence with the liability insurance; if necessary we will also assist you with receiving firearm-passport. We also rent guns so you can enjoy added vacation days while in the area and not have to deal with your weapon. The trophy will be judged, prepared and sent to you with the necessary veterinary documents.

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Hungary & Transylvania Hunt Packages

Below are the seasons of the five big game animal species. If there is a species that you would like to hunt - please contact us! We have so many connections that we will do our best to get you a first class hunt for the price you'd like. Pricing varies according to trophies and days hunted. Please contact for quote.

Package Date Rate
Red Deer Sept 1 - Jan 31  Varies
Fallow Deer Oct 1 - Jan 31 Varies
Roe Deer
Apr 15 - Sept 30
Muflon Sheep
Sept 1 - Feb 28
Wild Boar
All Year
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more info on these hunts!
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